About Revive

Matthew Horowitz of Revive Art RestorationWe understand just how important your artwork is. Each piece has its own special place on your wall. Perhaps it’s a painting by one of your favorite artists. It may have captured a fond memory or feeling. Maybe it is a family treasure handed down through generations. Nevertheless, it is important enough to be displayed for everyone to see. We ensure that what you and everyone else sees is the artwork as it was originally intended.

Because we understand just how important your artwork is, our conservators demonstrate the highest care, quality, and professionalism when treating any work. We will personally assess the condition of the piece and discuss treatment options with you. We also adhere to a fast turnaround time and take care to not exceed our estimates.

Revive Art Restoration is located in the Midtown Innovation District in the heart of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The contemporary, light-filled studio’s north facing windows allow for excellent color-matching acuity for inpainting. The movable design is optimal for accommodating artworks of various sizes, and the custom art storage racks allow us to carefully and properly store your artwork.
Revive Studio

Revive Art Restoration specializes in the restoration and conservation of historic and contemporary paintings, and various objects. All restoration and conservation at Revive Art Restoration adheres to the American Institute for Conservation (AIC) standards and code of ethics. Our conservators use only archival and acid-free materials to ensure the painting treatment is reversible and won’t cause damage to the work.

Matthew Horowitz

President and Conservator of Paintings

Quality Craftsmanship

Matthew Horowitz has over 12 years of experience restoring and conserving paintings and other works of art. But Horowitz’s experience with art goes back to when his father, Marty Horowitz, encouraged 13-year-old Matthew to come to work at his picture frame shop, Goldleaf Framemakers of Santa Fe. For ten years Matthew would spend summers and afternoons after school learning and practicing the fine art of frame building, carving and gilding as well as all the associated prep work (sanding, etc). This provided Matthew with a strong work ethic and introduced him to business management.

Matthew’s love of art was strengthened by his education. He graduated from the University of New Mexico in 2005 with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Studio Art with a painting specialization. After graduating, he spent two years assisting a prominent local conservator in Santa Fe. During this time it became clear that he had a natural talent when it came to matching color and texture.

In 2007 Matthew moved to New York City and interviewed for a position at Julius Lowy Framing and Restoring company in their conservation department. “They gave me a De Kooning and asked me to inpaint the missing area of white paint. White is just about the hardest color to match. I was able to complete the job quickly and accurately and was offered the job.” During his time at Lowy, Matthew learned to complete jobs for prominent clients within strict time constraints and while closely adhering to estimates. He also perfected other skills such as cleaning and lining canvases.

Restoring a Painting, piece of artIn 2010 Matthew moved back to Santa Fe and opened a conservation department alongside his father at Goldleaf Framemakers. During this time Matthew formed relationships with many local art dealers, collectors and artists in Santa Fe. He was often praised for his ability to explain and teach his clients as they discussed treatment options for their treasured artwork. Over the years, Matthew developed and honed skills for all aspects of conservation, business management and customer service. During this time, Matthew met his future wife and eventually married in 2015. Soon after, he began dreaming of starting his own business. “I wanted to create my own future for me and my family.”

On April 1, 2016 he realized his dream and opened the doors of Revive Art Restoration. He goes to work each morning with a smile on his face and the satisfaction of knowing he will make art owners happy each day while also providing for his beloved family.